About The Artist

Hello everyone and welcome to Roaming Horse Designs!
I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and even then horses were my favorite subject to create. As the years have grown on, horses still remain my favorite subject but my favorite mediums have changed. Nowadays I find myself painting in acrylics and watercolors as well drawing the occasional portrait in colored pencil.
I live in the Oklahoma Panhandle were the western lifestyle is alive and well. From branding cattle to harvesting hay, we do it all out here. Often times when I am not painting, my days are spent helping my husband care for cattle and horses, and my evenings are filled with playing with my daughter and caring for my dogs and chickens.
Whenever I ride around in the cake truck, artistic inspiration strikes me from all directions whether it be a band of cowboys coming down the feed yard alley or a loud mama cow bellowing for her baby. My camera gives a resounding click and then these subjects end up on the canvases before me.
I have created many a painting for the people in the western industry, as well as helping many individuals create logos, banners, signs, etc. for their western companies. In the earlier years of my life, I had artwork displayed in the Oklahoma State Capitol Building and placed second in a national competition for western artwork. More recently, I had a design accepted by The Trail of Painted Ponies to be created into one of their beautiful figurines.
The only formal art teaching I have had was a high school art class that I still swear changed my life to this day. Most of my artistic abilities are self taught, and I am still learning something new everyday. I created Roaming Horse Designs a couple of years ago as a place to display the artwork I painted in my spare time. However in the last year, I have taken my business more seriously and have watched it turn into my full time career.
I strive to create each of my pieces with western flair while also capturing the modern day life of the American cowboy/cowgirl. I thank every single customer I have for giving me the opportunity to paint the animals they hold so dear.